Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Algarve Weddings Atelier?

Because you only get one chance to get it right! We will be the point of contact throughout your wedding/event planning experience, available 24/7 and you will get unlimited communication and advice.

We limit the number of weddings we accept so your wedding/event receives the best care and attention it deserves. We work with trustworthy suppliers and ensure the best quality and service delivery at the best cost. For that we constantly monitor and review services and suppliers, so nothing is left to chance.

We are based in the Algarve we have the local knowledge to advise you about everything you need for your wedding/event and we are fluent in Portuguese and English so you can be certain we understand your requirements and instruct and monitor the Portuguese suppliers accordingly.

You will receive all the timeframes for the planning of your wedding/event, and We keep you informed of every step. We offer a personal management of your event taking away the stress and anxiety that a wedding/event naturally brings to the couple so you can have a relaxed and enjoyable planning experience. Of course, that on the day, we are discreetly present to ensure that everything runs to plan.

Will you be able to assist us and our guests with accommodation rates?

Yes, we can assist you finding the best options for different type of accommodation for you and your guests. if the venue that you have booked offers accommodation on site, special room rates will be provided.

How long will you be there on the wedding day?

On a wedding/event day we have an early day start as we are the first ones to arrive to oversee and coordinate all the set ups and we stay until after the party finishes.

What do you do on a wedding/event day?

Make sure all setups are completed on time and suppliers are fully briefed on timings during the event. We will be your point of contact for guests, suppliers, and venue to ensure a smooth run of the event.

How many times will we be in touch during planning?

All the time! We are available through email, text message, what’s up, skype, zoom ect. It’s very important that we are on the same page and that both parts don’t have any questions pending so we can assure you that we will be in touch all the time.

Is it possible to get married on a church?

Yes. Portugal is mainly a catholic country and there are beautiful churches available, close to amazing venues.

Are there catholic English-speaking priests in the Algarve?

Yes! there are several English-speaking catholic priests, and several English Church of England priests as well as a Baptist priest.

We can also organize a Portuguese priest with a translator in the event an English-speaking priest is not available.

Can I bring my catholic priest?

Absolutely! Your catholic priest will be very welcome to celebrate your wedding.

Can I get legally married in Portugal?

Yes! You can get legally married on the day. the process is easy, and you will receive the timeframes and information for it.

Do you have good band and DJ’s available?

Yes. There are many bands / Dj’s and that suits different tastes. From string quartets to amazing covers bands, you will be able to choose from a list with numerous options.

Can I bring my own band/DJ?

Yes! We take care of all logistics and hiring the necessary equipment for them to play.

I am a fussy eater. Will Portuguese food be suitable?

Most venues offer international cuisine and have menus to suit all European and on European nationalities. Most venues will happily accommodate individual dietary requirements.

Can I also have something organize for the day after the wedding?

Yes! Many couples wants to have an after party. A fun informal party after the wedding day. We have many different options for a fun, relaxed day with friends and family, for example BBQ’s, Hog Roasts, beach parties and many more.

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a venue event coordinator?

Your wedding planner will make sure that all service and points of logistics are covered and will liaise with all vendors and venue until the last minute of your wedding/event. for example, if something happens to a vendor on the day and for a very urgent reason, he is unable to deliver the service, your wedding planner will make sure that another vendor is hired last minute to cover the service.

A venue event coordinator will only give you contacts.

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